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NSC Defensive Driving Course 10X Edition (English)$49.94
Curso de Manejo Defensivo (Español) Edición 10X$49.94
Professional Truck Driver 5.1 (DDC-PTD)$49.94
Professional Truck Driver Course (PTD-V5) Abridged$49.94
NSC Distracted Driving - 90 Minute$37.44
Distracted Driving Abridged II - 45 Minute$37.44
Avoiding Fixed Objects (II)$12.44
Backing and Parking Lot Strategies II$12.44
Lane Management II$12.44
Intersections II$12.44
Avoiding Impaired Driving II$12.44
Speed Management II$12.44
Weather and Road Conditions II$12.44
Avoiding Aggressive Driving II$12.44
Avoiding Fatigued Driving II$12.44
NEMTAC Certified Transport Specialist 2.0$89.00
With the new DDC-PC Online program, learning to drive defensively just got easier and more economical. The National Safety Council's first Internet-based driver-training program is based on the 8-hour defensive driving course for the classroom, but takes the average student half that time to complete. It's the most comprehensive content of any major driver improvement self-study program -- and its bookmark feature allows you to exit out the course whenever you need and come back to where you left off. You can receive a certificate of completion from the National Safety Council that, in many states, can be used to lower automobile insurance rates. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you qualify.

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