Welcome to the National Safety Council's DRIVER SAFETY COURSE
in association with MetLife Auto & Home

    To qualify for the NSC Driver Safety Course Discount:
  • Have your auto insurance with MetLife Auto & Home
  • Be a licensed driver for at least two full years
  • Confirm your eligibility to receive a discount with a MetLife Auto & Home representative before purchasing the NSC Driver Safety Course (see your policy package for your representative's name and number).
  • Successfully complete the National Safety Council's Driver Safety Course with a score of 80% or higher.
    DVD version of the course
  • Please note: registering on this website will enroll you in the online version of the Driver Safety Course only. If you wish to order the DVD version of the course, you must contact the National Safety Council at 1-800-392-8594.

This course is offered to MetLife Auto & Home customers for $21.95
(course must be completed within 45 days from date of purchase)

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